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The Singapore Cricket Club International Rugby 7s (SCC 7s) is organised by the Singapore Cricket Club and is one of the oldest invitational team sports events in Asia. What began as a humble tournament for Singaporean and Malaysian teams in the 1940s has grown to be regarded as one of the most fun, spectator-friendly international rugby 7s tournaments in the world; the SCC 7s  is the second oldest international Rugby 7s tournament in the world, second to the original home of the 7s, Melrose in Scotland.

The SCC 7s takes place on the historic national monument Padang annually and has seen past, present and future rugby stars shine on the iconic patch of grass in the heart of Singapore.

In 2024, the SCC 7s will encompass 3 main tournaments:

  • The SCC Rugby Academy tournament 

  • The Schools and Colleges tournament

  • The Main Invitational International SCC 7s

The SCC7s is organised by an Organising Committee of Volunteers led in 2024 by Chairman Raj Sankaran in conjunction with the Singapore Cricket Club Sports Department. 

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