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2 Months to go!

With two months to go, we have already confirmed the following teams from across the world, including some new faces and old ones as well.

These include the following teams that will make up the complete lineup of 16 teams come 3-4 November

  1. Daveta (Fiji)

  2. Ponsonby DRFC (New Zealand)

  3. Tahi 7s (Australia)

  4. Palymarya (Australia)

  5. East Arnhem (Australia)

  6. Casurina Cougars (Australia)

  7. DS Silverbacks (Australia)

  8. Eagles RFC (Malaysia)

  9. KL Tigers (Malaysia)

  10. Kurumi (Japan)

  11. Tamariva (Japan)

  12. Tradition Bucks (Singapore)

  13. SCC Rugby (Singapore)

  14. Singapore Development (Singapore)

Tickets are now available here


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